What's In It For You?

Marketing is knowing how to get your product or service in front of those who never heard of you. We live in the age where WHO you know is just as important, if not more, than WHAT you know. You need a team of people who belong to different chambers and associations, who have established clients within multiple networks themselves, and interact with contacts across a broad spectrum of fields. 

To make sure our business have the most exposure possible so we send out 20+ New Emails A Day with the businesses in our directory. When you join our directory your business will be added into our email blast to bring awareness to your business so you don’t miss out on any opportunities.

Our Team

Our team all have different businesses across a wide range of industries, yet we work together and support each other to build one another up. If you were to join every chamber, association, group that our team is in- as well as attend all of the social networking dinners and events- factored in with your time and cost to get there, the costs would be substantial. That’s why we’re here.

It’s not just about saving you money, it’s not just about building a network, it’s about making the most use of your time- and allowing you to create the biggest impact by doing so. Connecting with our team allows you to regain some of your time, and prioritize the rest. It gives you the freedom to personalize those emails and calls to prospective clients, which in turn gives you a far higher chance of retaining them. 

Our team will be contacting you each month to talk about gaining more awareness for your business and optimizing your profile on our directory so you gain the most exposure possible to new clients. 

Quality Investment

While there is a price associated with this membership, we work with all of our members on ensuring pricing is fair and worth it’s value. You’ll be in consistent contact with your advisors, as well as with the whole team, to let you know just how we’re spreading awareness of your particular brand. Weekly Reports will come to you by email, including analytics which provide priceless valuable information to help you grow, and see potential areas of improvement. Our team will provide you of knowledge that will help your business go into the right direction. We’re here to help YOU succeed, and be the very best version of yourself. 

Business 101

We will talk about information covering a variety of topics that will help others with starting a Business. We can walk you through some of the most important, and often overlooked steps, of starting up your own business- successfully!

Network Meeting with colleagues

Calendar Events

We’ll be hosting multiple charity events over the next few months. Not only does 100% of the entry donation go to charity, but it provides you with the opportunity to meet new people and business connections during our networking events. More details will be published as we get closer to the date.

Behind The Camera

During our events, we’ll be having our videographer meet with you! We’ll record a quick clip of you- stating your name, business and industry- this is then posted on our site. Who doesn’t love free publicity! Awareness is about people learning who you are – what you do, It is recognition that helps to build a reputation.

Bring your friends! The more people at these events, the more opportunity for additional business there is. Our members come from all walks or life, and all industries- there’s never been a better chance to build your company and your connections!

video of networking event

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