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When I retired from the Air Force with 20 years of active duty, I wondered what I was going to do with all my years of experience. In those years, I developed discipline, leadership, loyalty, and pride. I’ve trained and mentored people to help them achieve their dream careers.

I wanted to take my knowledge and help Veterans connect with Veteran Associations. I realized the sheer amount of associations available for Veterans, (1000 in Florida alone!) and I knew I could provide a platform for them all to come together. 

I took my knowledge of Hotel Sales, paired it with my Service and came up with Vets Growth. But, it isn’t only for Veterans, it’s for communities. Vets Growth is here to bring people together and to help one another create a collective association that benefits all. 

I have built relationships with many people who like to help others, as I do. I put together a selective board of successful people that have the elements to get others into the careers they want, and to help others grow their businesses.

We all know that the Military, no matter which branch, understands teamwork, purpose, and camaraderie. Help me extend a hand to help Veterans as we pass along these skills to our families, and our communities.

I have been a member of Visit Orlando, Orlando Chamber, Oviedo-Winter Springs Chamber, and Orlando East Chamber of Commerce. Current Member of Several Military & Veteran Associations that have over 1 million members.

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