About Vets Growth

I took my knowledge of Hotel Sales, paired it with my Military Service and came up with Vets Growth.

U.S. Military / Veterans with our Civilian Counterparts

Supporting the Small Business Owners

When I retired from the Air Force with 20 years of active duty, I wondered what I was going to do with all my years of experience. In those years, I developed Discipline, Leadership, Integrity and Pride. I’ve trained and mentored people to help them achieve their success in their careers

Military really focuses on working as a team, how to solve problems, make changes. How to prepare for any situation, adapt and take charge in making it right

Hospitality career with a few hotel brands, learning all I can in 23 years. My goal was to become a General Manager of a Hotel. Being a mentor, motivating people, educating employees on principles in the Hospitality Career, to help those people to obtain their goals with results

I held positions in Operations, Revenue Manager, Director of Sales and Achieved to the position of General Manager. Mentors along my career path taught me Value.

To be successful – it starts with building relationships, bringing people together who has the same mind-set as you do. A Business that is Driven in Results.

Being a Mentor Today for Tomorrow Leaders


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