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How To Join Our Network

If you’re interested in joining our veteran owned business network where you can join together with other veteran business owners then head to our registration page to sign up today!

Perks of Joining

  • List your businesses for others to see
  • Network with other business owners
  • Amplify your online presence
  • Increase local business presence
  • Promote word of mouth with other business owners
  • Improve your brand awareness and customer association with your brand
  • Increase SEO for you business backlinks.

Our Mission

Vets Growth was founded in 2019 and is dedicated to the camaraderie of Veterans and the communities in which they live and work. In the spirit of friendship and loyalty among our members and the surrounding communities, Vets Growth strives to build a stronger America with pride and honor.

After serving their country, many veterans seek assistance and education in acclimating into the areas they call home. Vets Growth is not only an association of members consisting of veterans, but area businesses that support and assist in all ways of the business world.

Vets Growth provides the member who may be in need of mentoring for a business start-up, as well as assisting with the continued growth and promotion of those businesses through a wide variety of business networking opportunities. Our association’s Ambassadors will help chart the paths to the next level in a vet’s chosen career and field of business.

Candlelight Catering

Candlelight Catering

American Legion Post 53

American Legion Post 53

Women In Defense

A Hero For Kids

A Hero for Kids

KISS: Kids In Support of Soldiers

Hometown Heroes Alliance

Valor Medical Service Dogs

Newest Post

Census Bureau Hiring for 2020

The Census Bureau is hiring up to 500,000 temporary, part-time census takers for the 2020 Census in communities across the country to reach our goal of more than 2 million applicants.

The positions offer competitive pay, flexible hours, paid training, and weekly paychecks.

Apply Now

Anyone age 18 and older, such as recent high school graduates, college students, veterans, retirees, military spouses, seasonal workers, and people who are bilingual are highly encouraged to apply. People who already have jobs and want to earn extra income evenings and weekends are also encouraged to apply. Start Your Application…

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